Mid-Century Modern Flip

This Mid-Century property was just successfully flipped by an investor in Woodland Hills. It is a great example of someone having a vision and a little know how, and turning a run down property with good bones into an absolute stunning home. The layout and floor plan was not changed; however, you can see by the before and after pictures that a great deal of work was put into transforming this property. The property was purchased for $559,000 in October of '09 and just sold for $740,000 last month. It could have definitely garnered more and been more profitable for the investor; however, it is on the corner lot and Valley Circle is a very busy street. It is this very reason why my client, who really liked the home, passed. Congratulations to the new owner though, as they got a great house at a fair price. I hope they are enjoying their new work of art.





If a project like this appeals to you, there are a plethora of similar opportunities available all over Los Angeles, where one can execute their creative vision and make a profit. If interested in discussing options that meet your criteria, please feel free to contact me anytime @ 661.600.7463 or email smilayproperties@gmail.com.