This Weekend Frank Lloyd Wright's Hollyhock House Gets a Psychedelic Art Takeover

This weekend, the Hollyhock House in Hollywood will get taken over by the colorful mixed media work of Aaron Axelrod.  This is the first time the Barnsdall Art Park has been handed over to one artist, and Axelrod plans to blanket it in "swirling video installations, massive neon-lit sculptures, and crystal encrusted art," say KCRW.  

"There are so many blank walls and angular surfaces. There aren’t that many windows. Everything is very square and rectangular and very geometric, and it lends itself very well to projection mapping, because each side is technically its own screen," Axelrod told KCRW.

His show "Dark Matter" will be open for free to the public from noon to 9:30pm on Saturday and Sunday, July 16th & 17th. 

Aaron Axelrod. Photo by Nicholas Tatone.


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