Lafayette Square Los Angeles California

Lafayette Square

I have a client who is currently looking in this small pocket known as Lafayette Square in Mid-City Los Angeles, so have come to learn and appreciate it recently. It is a small community, founded in 1913, and designated by the city of Los Angeles as a HPOZ (Historic Preservation Overlay Zone) because of it's history and architecture. With about 225 homes in the area, one can only access the square by car through one street, St. Charles (off of Crenshaw Blvd.), as the rest of the ends are all gated. This definitely adds to both a community feel and safe neighborhood vibe. The residents in this location take their character original homes seriously, and should one try to change too much of the outside of the house, can be told to put it back by the city. While the outside of the homes retain their original charm and character, some of the homes have been updated inside for more modern conveniences. There are varying types of architecture in the square, but all lie on large lots, and appear quite stately from the street. Even though I definitely lean towards mid-century and modern architecture, I can appreciate the beauty and history that these homes provide.

Read more on the history of Lafayette Square on Wikipedia, including the famous names that have lived in this community over the years.

This was the home, designed for himself, of noteworthy architect Paul Williams.

Pictures by Eric Smilay for Smilay Properties

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