Modern Architecture @ It's Finest

[flickr size="small" float="left"][/flickr]I have always been a fan of great architecture. It is like living in a work of art, and is designed to enhance one's life. Take this listing on a hilltop neighboring Venice; it has nothing but the highest level of finishes, soaring ceilings adding volume, and a wide open ideal floor plan. It is my opinion that great design adds value. One can not use the standard dollars per sq. ft in analyzing these one of a kind special properties, as they are just that--special. There is a finite amount of truly good architectural properties relative to the housing availability as a whole. One must be careful however; as when the market was hot, everybody was looking to fix & flip properties or build for spec. It is these spec builders that often cut corners to minimize costs and maximize profits, which is certainly understandable, but it is those projects that make truly great design and attention to detail that much more in demand. This property in it's entirety can be seen at, and was built by a noteworthy builder/designer for himself and his family, and therefore, was built to the highest standards.