Marketing Real Estate Outside The Box

I currently have two listings with special instructions (ie limitations) for me to follow while marketing my client's properties. The instructions are as follows: no signs, no open houses, not putting it on the MLS, and not sending just listed flyers in the immediate area; all of which are staples among real estate brokers. One listing is almost $2,000,000, so is clearly a large deal and a top priority. It is this listing that I have been racking my brain, and doing every possible thing I can think of to get the proverbial word out about this dynamic home. To date, I have put it all over the internet (on probably 10 + sites at this point), posted it daily on craigslist, contacted every potential buyer/associate I know that may be interested or know of anyone who may be, as well as essentially created my own MLS. The client did not want it officially listed, but what I have done is search for every agent with a listing over $1M in Mar Vista, Venice, Santa Monica, and Marina Del Rey, and sent them the listing directly. The MLS is basically an easy way to alert other agents of new listings, which is exactly what I am trying to do; albeit in a much more time consuming fashion. I always try and follow my client's preferences of course, but also need to get the job done at the same time.

It is this outside of the box thinking, and aggressive online marketing, that is leading the way to closed sales currently. Experience is great don't get me wrong, but many older agent's have become lazy and accustomed to properties closing quickly with minimal marketing while the market was at it's peak, which doesn't really work anymore. This is the benefits to a young and hungry real estate professional, who is connected to the places where the modern buyer is looking.