Iconic Design by Yoo Inspired by Starck

Terrace @ Icon Brickell, Miami

Whether it be community spaces or interiors of private residences, Phillipe Starck and his team at Yoo have created some of the most beautiful spaces around the world. It is amazing how much furniture and design can transform a basic space into a living work of art. While Starck and Yoo have been around for 11 years now, they continue to remain at the top, and develop some of the most surreal properties imaginable.

Pool area @ Tel Aviv

Yoo's website (http://yoo.com) says it best: "On entering a yoo inspired by Starck-designed space, there is no need to ponder 'is it or isn't it?' His brand of quirky modernism is as recognisable as he is famous. Every yoo inspired by Starck project is an event. A big media splash is all but assured. And for the homebuyer having a 'yoo inspired by Starck ' is like the label on haute couture or the signature on a great work of art. A luxurious original."

Lobby @ Gramercy by Starck

Living room @ Icon Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta

Library @ Panama City

Lobby @ G-Tower, Dubai

Dining room @ Punta del Este

Living area @ yoo D4, Boston

Lobby @ Miami Icon

Pool @ Icon Vallarta, Puerto Vallarta

I couldn't agree more with the quote above. Starck is not the only "big name" designer on Yoo's roster, as they are loaded with talent and continue to develop iconic buildings throughout the world. Please visit http://yoo.com to learn more about this dynamic development team and their forward thinking designs and vision. It is also a great way to get inspired with design ideas that you can create in your own home.