white paint colors

Remodeling Updates; Los Feliz

Progress continues on the previously posted remodeling project I am managing for a client in the coveted "Oaks" neighborhood of Los Feliz. Everything is looking good, and besides the rain slowing us down from painting the outside this week, the work appears to be on schedule. The interior is almost 100% done by now. You can see the new wood flooring laid down, as well as the entire inside has been painted. The flooring just needs to be sanded and stained, as well as the flooring that was already there needs to be refinished. It is somewhat difficult to tell by the pictures, but for the main living space we went for clean white gallery like walls. The space exudes clean lines and modern living allowing the next user to have different directions in which they can take the space. It is a clean pallet and ready for one's interior design skills to run with. The bedrooms are swiss coffee, which is a sort of off white, and is a bit more "homey" if you will.

As you may or may not know there is about 100 different white paint colors to chose from. I wanted to go with a very Palm Springs Mid-Century white on the outside with grey borders, similar to what the outside of Room Service on 3rd St did (pictured after the break); however, I think for a single family home with a lot of area to cover the pure white will just be too much. We decided to go with the more off white, which is the strip on the right of the outside. It shows a bit beige here next to the pure white, but think it will read off white when complete and be very visually appealing and more functional in terms of not showing every bit of dirt, etc. This is obviously the main component from an aesthetic perspective, so was treated with the utmost importance, and it's execution will be key.

This has been a good minor project for the house and I look forward to seeing the end result, which I think is going to be stunning. I look forward to sharing the finished pics with you soon.