general contractor

Let The Remodeling Begin

My client's, who reside outside of the country, have entrusted me with a great deal of responsibility in both assisting them with the purchase and now remodeling of this home. Trust me, I do not take this responsibility lightly. They purchased the property sight unseen based on pictures over the internet and opinions from me, and are now in the process of remodeling it. I gave my recommendations on what should be done and how, and we discussed basic parameters and a budget, and now I am managing the work for them. We are refinishing floors, adding new wood flooring in the upstairs bedrooms, removing wall paper, de-personalizing the space, re-coating the front deck, painting the inside and the outside, as well as fixing a few functional issues uncovered during the home inspection. I met with a multitude of sub-contractors do to the individual portions of the project to get estimates, but eventually settled on giving the entire project to a general contractor to oversee, mostly due to experience and a considerably lower price. We have signed the contracts, and the work has begun.

Above was how my client's purchased the property. Notice the sort of random mini-wall "dividing" the dining room area and the kitchen. Seeing as how it serves no purpose, and only makes the space feel smaller, the first order of business was to remove it. Loft like open space is much better, and I think it does wonders for the main living space. Day one, it is gone.

Master Bedroom at time of purchase.

As you can see it had Asian influenced wallpaper, as well as Asian style ornaments in the room. We wanted to make the space more neutral, as well as portray a more clean line mid-century modern style, so we ripped the ornaments down. It is a bit of a pain, but the workers have treated and are in the process of taking down the wallpaper before we will paint it.

Pictures by Eric Smilay for Smilay Properties

The project should take a couple weeks, so keep checking back for updates. I think the home is going to look more modern and sleek once I am done putting my designing touches on it, and can't wait to see the finished product.

This property will be available once the remodeling is complete, so if interested in this home please feel free to contact us anytime @ 310.600.9172 or email