aspiring interior designer

Well Designed 200 Sq. Ft Studio in NYC

Malena Georgieva, an aspiring interior designer, has done a lot with a little in her 200 sq. ft studio apartment in Manhattan's Upper West Side. Yes that's right, just 200 sq. ft. The space is definitely small; however, Ms. Georgieva has done a nice job working with what she has. The white walls and kitchen make the apartment appear larger, and she has used artwork to sort of give the different areas the feeling of separate rooms. Lastly, the use of chairs that swivel allow for one to face any section of the apartment. According to NY Curbed, she pays $1,750/mo for this tiny apartment. In any other city in America, including Los Angeles, this would sound like madness, but somehow almost sounds reasonable in the NYC.

More Pictures can be found here

Photos Courtesy of Trevor Tondro for The New York Times