Ryan Korban

Other Blogs Found & New Designer Profile

A design by Ryan Korban for pro Skateboarder Chad Muska. Photographer: Patrick Cline. Photo via 1st Dibs

Perusing through the internet and blogs today, I stumbled upon a few good ones. I first ended up on Desire to Inspire. They have great housing and interior design posts that are, you guessed it, intended to inspire one's own interior's. In looking through their list of blogs they like, I clicked on So Haute, which I think the name got me. So Haute had a post and link to 1stdibs write up and pictures about a young Manhattan designer that just did Pro Skater Chad Muska's apartment in New York. Click on that link to see more about up and coming designer Ryan Korban, and get a glimpse into his aesthetic viewpoint and how he works. I like his mix of edgy and soft, old world and urban, that somehow all seem to come together perfectly. Enjoy.