Parker Hill

The Influence of a Techy Realtor

Guest Post by Parker Hill @

What’s important in selling a home? Is it asking price? Location? The status of your home? While all three of these are certainly contributing factors, they are by no means the most important aspect. As you may know, approximately 90% of all home sales now begin with an online search. So despite what you’ve heard about open houses and using print advertising, the most important part of selling your home begins on the internet. While some agents have yet to understand this, there are a select few who have embraced the internet and hold the tools to get your home from ‘for sale’ to ‘sold.’ These “techy” realtors are easy to identify and are the type of agent you want to work with. Here are things to look for in determining whether your agent makes the tech-friendly list.

A techy Realtor first and foremost should have a good website. This means its easy to find, easy to navigate and is an over all enjoyable experience. Keep away from Realtor’s with dated websites that lack contact information or websites that are poorly constructed. The rule here is: if you don’t find it pleasing, chances are homebuyers won’t either. And if you were to list your home with an agent who’s website gets little traffic, then say goodbye to your home’s internet exposure. Pick a Realtor with an accessible website, with well-displayed contact information and other helpful details.

On top of a good website design, your Realtor must have a good home search feature. As we mentioned earlier, giving your home plenty of internet exposure is crucial to selling your home in the modern market. If your Realtor is lacking in a home search option, you can bet that potential buyers will quickly move along and those who don’t head to the next website will have difficulty finding your home. A good web search will have either a map view, an ability to set certain search parameters, or both. Be sure your Realtor has such an option before hiring them!

Next to design and home search options, a techy Realtor could possibly have the following additions on their webpage. A frequently updated blog can be a fun and useful addition to a Realtor’s marketing arsenal. Likewise, a Realtor that encourages texting, video chats, or using smartphones apps is also helpful, although by no means essential. The two most important aspects are the design of the website and the home search. With these, you can bet you have a class act of a Realtor. The rest is icing on top. To work with the type of Realtor who will give your home the kind of online exposure it deserves, be sure to contact Eric Smilay, today!