Amazing Montecito Glass Pavilion Designer Tour - Instant Classic

I posted this stunning one of a kind property way back in June of 2010. It was built by one of my favorite LA home designers and uber high end flippers, Steven Hermann. Mr. Hermann quite simply has skills, and has sold homes for record prices to celebrities and CEO's alike. In fact his last sale was this amazing Trousdale Estate area mid-century modern sold to none other then celebrity designer Vera Wang for $9,200,000. You can see Ms. Wang in her new west coast abode in this spread in Harpers Bazaar. Back to perhaps his best creation yet, the Glass Pavilion on a 4 acre spread in Montecito. At that time I originally posted the 14,000 sq. ft property, it was being floated around privately off the market for a whopping $35M. I think Mr. Hermann and his family are living there and would gladly sell for a huge number, but were just enjoying the property in the interim. I was flipping around the TV this weekend and came across a walk through tour by the designer himself (posted below). It seems they are more serious about selling the property and are now offering it at a more "reasonable" (cough) $19,995,000. Mr. Hermann explains in the video that he is a huge fan of modernism architecture and designed the home as a modern update to the Farnshworth House by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe in the mid 1940's. If you have this kind of money, I could not think of a better home to purchase though, as this one is an instant classic!

You can see a ton of pictures here, but you can get a real sense of the designer's thought process and some of the finishes used and why in this walk through tour.


Video courtesy of LX TV Open House on NBC

This is one of the finest pieces of modern architecture I have seen, and would be quite a trophy property for the lucky buyer. If you would like to visit this property in person, please feel free to contact us anytime @ 310.600.9172 or email