Life insurance

My Choice For Life & Other Insurance Needs - Elwood Benefits

Followers of the blog know that my wife and I recently had our first child, and because of this, we both decided to take out life insurance policies just in case anything should happen to either one, or both, of us. Not knowing much about the insurance business, I reached out to one of my best friends since I was ten years old, Matt Elwood of Elwood Benefits to help us with this. Having grown up with and attended high school with Matt in Washington state, this was a no brainer, as I have always known him to be an all around solid individual and a hard working ethical businessman.

After graduating high school, we both moved south to the sunshine of Los Angeles. Matt attended Pepperdine University and built up a successful insurance practice at Northwestern Mutual. After ten years of assisting countless client's with all their insurance needs, Matt recently moved back to Washington and purchased his mother's established agency under the Allstate umbrella. Since the recent acquisition, Mr. Elwood has taken the practice and ran with it, further growing the agency under the name Elwood Benefits.

You can find Elwood Benefits all over the web, as Mr. Elwood has constantly evolved and developed a strong internet presence. You can follow him on Twitter and his educational website and blog, where he gives insight into his business. It is this knowledge, understanding of the current trends, and flat out hustle that has helped him connect with new client's and grow his business beyond the competition.

Matt is still licensed to do life insurance in California, and has helped both friends and client's of mine in the past, so would definitely recommend him without question. If in Washington, Mr. Elwood and his growing team, can assist you with countless insurance needs across all avenues from rental insurance to auto insurance to business insurance. Contact Matt and allow him to earn your trust and business.

Matt can be reached at 360.452.9200 or email him at