Interesting Design Ideas

While looking through the MLS, I found some interesting pictures and design ideas from various homes currently listed for sale. These are all from high end homes; however, no matter what type of property you live in, you may be able to incorporate a variation of these ideas into your space.

I absolutely love the first shot, as the walls of glass simply disappear and make it seem as if from one's bed they could just hop to one of the skyscrapers off in the distance. Talk about bringing the outside in right.

I have not seen the circle back splash detail in the kitchen before, and like the way it pops against the all white kitchen.

I like the texture of the walls, which really brings the bathroom to life.

A good idea on how to break up a large room, and can put either the bathroom or closet behind the bed area.

If you have a rooftop deck, why not work on your putting stroke while enjoying the views? All pictures courtesy of the MLS