Professionalism in Real Estate

It is no secret that obtaining one's real estate license is not nearly as difficult or take as much time as, say, getting a law degree or becoming a doctor; however, as Realtors® we are intricately involved in assisting people with what will most likely be the largest purchase/investment of their lifetime. I take the responsibility that goes with that involvement very seriously. That means, among other things, being a professional in my dealings with clients and other agents, knowing everything that I can about the real estate market and always putting the client first. Unfortunately, in my seven year career in this business, I have found that this fiduciary duty is not always being met.

Putting client’s first includes responding to emails and returning phone calls in a timely manner whether they are from current clients, potential clients or other agents. It also includes promptly conveying all offers and counter-offers and assisting the client through what may be the unfamiliar territory of inspection, financing, escrow and closing.

The bottom line is that, as Realtors®, we owe it to our clients, and the other agents and brokers with whom we work with to operate at a high level of professionalism. This is serious business, and should be treated accordingly. After all, what is involved is not selling 50 cent candy bars, but rather homes costing hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars. Fortunately, there are many agents and brokers that I know who act in exactly the same way. These men and women are an absolute pleasure to do business with, and their clients are lucky to have them on their side.

A year ago I wrote about the fact that the client and agent's interests should be exactly aligned. That means that what the client wants to accomplish in the transaction is what I want to accomplish and it is why I try to go above and beyond to get the best deal possible for each and every one of my client's. Any agent who doesn't think and act in a similar manner, I would encourage you to step up your game, be a professional, and let's work together to get deals done for our respective client's to the best of our abilities in 2012. Otherwise, you should be in a different line of work.