Los Feliz Mid-Century Sold OVER Asking

Sold with 8 offers $111,000 OVER asking price for $1,510,000! 

I had a long history with this house, and I am pleased to see it all the way through and be able to sell it at a high price for my client's.  I helped out of the country Buyer's purchase the property about 4 1/2 years ago.  They purchased the property sight unseen based on the pictures and my thoughts on the property, which showed a tremendous amount of trust in me.  They then let me remodel the property a bit as I saw fit, again showing a ton of trust in me.  I then leased out the property for them twice at high rental amounts ($5,950/mo & $6,250/mo).  I also managed it and dealt with any Tenant issues that arose.  Lastly, I just sold the property concluding the investment for my client's and closing out a great run on a very cool property.  I am glad that it worked out so well for my Seller's, and very much appreciate the confidence and trust they showed in me on this one.    


2047 E Live Oak, Los Feliz
3 Bed
2 Bath
2,162 Sq. Ft

9,533 Lot Sq. Ft


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