Exploring The Los Feliz Village

I had to go to a real estate office today to drop off some paperwork on a deal I just finalized in Los Feliz, and it is such a beautiful day out I took out my camera and started walking. Being a "Hollywood Guy," I have obviously been to the Village here and there, but mostly infrequently so was exploring a little bit. There were many people out and about today on both Hillhurst and Vermont, having lunch, walking, shopping, or riding bikes. There are a ton of restaurants and some boutique shopping in a close proximity to one another, which makes for a great neighborhood feel. In general I really enjoyed the vibe, and look forward to venturing into the area more often.

A notable restaurant is the Alcove Great outdoor area at the Alcove

You can guess that the shopping center next door to the Alcove gets a ton of people trying to park there and go to the Alcove

In this one mixed-use building, there are Italian, Sushi,& Brazilian restaurants, with loft style apartments above.

Pizza spot Sandwich spot

Several small boutique shops from up and coming designers

The Library

Interesting religious neighbor pairing

Took this pic of the Dresden while driving, which I don't recommend, but it produced an interesting effect

View up Hillhurst towards the Hills

Great day for a bike ride

Palm tree lined street just off Hillhurst