Beachwood Canyon Area of the Hollywood Hills

I currently have two listings in the Beachwood Canyon area so have been up there quite a bit recently, so felt like making a post about it. If you are not familiar with this area, it is on the east side of the Hollywood Hills just North of Franklin. It used to be known as "Hollywoodland," which is what the current "Hollywood" sign used to say. Driving up Beachwood Drive is a great opportunity to clearly see the iconic sign. It is a laid back atmosphere with mostly Spanish type homes dating back to the 1920's. The nice thing is that it feels like a small town type area, but yet is just up the hill from all the action in Hollywood. There is also the Franklin Village just a couple blocks east down Franklin from Beachwood Dr. It is a sort of hipster hang out if you will, with Bourgeois Pig cafe, Birds Restaurant, and The Citizens Brigade Theater to name a few of the spots in this space. My first apartment out of college was in this area, so have always been fond of it. I have also sold some great homes, and know it quite well, and would definitely recommend the area as a great place to live.

The current look of one side of the street Tunnels today (compare to the picture of the book above) The other side of the street in modern day. Here is how the Spanish home in the middle of the book picture above looks today. The Village Coffee Shop at the top of Beachwood. There is also a local grocery store next door.

Still mostly Spanish homes in this area, but a few architecturals and updated mid-century homes are moving in.

Rumor has it that Madonna used to live in this castle like building on Beachwood Dr.

Joey Tribbiani lived in this Beachwood building on the Friends spin-off Joey, more on that here.

The Franklin Village area. I admit, it's not a great picture.

Streets lined in palm trees, not a bad area to be.

Pictures by Eric Smilay for Smilay Properties

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