Architecture Design Trends for 2011

Everyone wants to keep up with what's in style right? Well I found a great post about 10 Residential design trends on the internet today and wanted to share it. Before we get to the post, briefly my personal design thoughts are the following:

-The mic-mansion trend has died down somewhat, with a return to simplify one's home and cut costs. -Wide open floor plans are in with buyers. -High ceilings are like gold, as it adds so much volume to the space and makes the room feel more grand. -I used to like dark hardwood flooring, but am leaning towards light wood these days. Concrete is also cool. -White walls are great also, as it gives a spacious and clean effect. -People are moving back towards the cities and out of the suburbs to be closer to work and cut down on gas usage. -"Green" energy efficient building techniques are definitely appreciated currently as well with more people paying attention to environmental impacts. -In California, walls of glass leading to outdoor spaces, as well as allowing natural light to flood the property is also desired.

See the detailed list after the break.

Please see a great detailed list by BuilderOnline here.