Sweet Mid-Century w/ Views in South Pasadena

Designed by Architect Marvin O. Berman, who according to the listing, "worked with Richard Neutra and Victor Gruen," designed this stylish mid-century home in 1959. I am not familiar with Mr. Berman's work to be honest, but I certainly like what he did here. While this home is of modest size at under 1500 sq. ft, it is well laid out, open, and with the high ceilings and walls of glass it certainly appears larger then it's number would indicate. The wood paneling softens the modern finishes and gives it a good mix of modern and mid-century roots. This one has clearly been updated with a sleek kitchen and nice finishes in the bathrooms. Lying in a peaceful setting with mountain views from the decks, this one may just be the one you have been waiting for. There is also additional outdoor space for entertaining and relaxing.

5511 Alta Vista, South Pasadena

$875,000 3 Bed 2 Bath 1,462 Sq. Ft 6,754 Lot Sq. Ft

Listing & Photos courtesy of Jennifer Parker-Stanton - Deasy/Penner & Partners

If you would like to see this stylish mid-century home, please feel free to contact us anytime @ 310.600.9172 or email smilayproperties@gmail.com.

Hollywood Hills High End Flip

The Xanadu Group is presenting this completely redone mid-century modern home in a coveted Hollywood Hills location. The listing describes the work completed as, "completely remodeled sparing no expense in order to deliver today's modern amenities." I would agree with them by the looks of it. Everything from flooring, kitchen, baths, and the outside has been redone and modernized. I absolutely love the approximately 50' pocket door in the living room leading out to the deck with canyon views, which allows one to sit inside and feel as if they are outside. The group purchased the property just over a year ago for $825,000, which is mostly irrelevant as it is essentially a new house; however, it is listed at over $960/sq. ft. Do they get that? It remains to be seen if a high end remodel can garner Sunset Strip area prices over in the East Hollywood Hills, but it will be interesting to watch and find out.

5544 Tuxedo Terrace, Hollywood Hills

$2,199,000 3 Bed 2.5 Bath 2,286 Sq. Ft 10,080 Lot Sq. Ft

Listing & Photos courtesy of Stephen Apelian & Stacy Gottula - Coldwell Banker-BH South

If you wish to see this designer remodeled home, please feel free to contact us anytime @ 310.600.9172 or email smilayproperties@gmail.com.

Remodeling Updates; Los Feliz

Progress continues on the previously posted remodeling project I am managing for a client in the coveted "Oaks" neighborhood of Los Feliz. Everything is looking good, and besides the rain slowing us down from painting the outside this week, the work appears to be on schedule. The interior is almost 100% done by now. You can see the new wood flooring laid down, as well as the entire inside has been painted. The flooring just needs to be sanded and stained, as well as the flooring that was already there needs to be refinished. It is somewhat difficult to tell by the pictures, but for the main living space we went for clean white gallery like walls. The space exudes clean lines and modern living allowing the next user to have different directions in which they can take the space. It is a clean pallet and ready for one's interior design skills to run with. The bedrooms are swiss coffee, which is a sort of off white, and is a bit more "homey" if you will.

As you may or may not know there is about 100 different white paint colors to chose from. I wanted to go with a very Palm Springs Mid-Century white on the outside with grey borders, similar to what the outside of Room Service on 3rd St did (pictured after the break); however, I think for a single family home with a lot of area to cover the pure white will just be too much. We decided to go with the more off white, which is the strip on the right of the outside. It shows a bit beige here next to the pure white, but think it will read off white when complete and be very visually appealing and more functional in terms of not showing every bit of dirt, etc. This is obviously the main component from an aesthetic perspective, so was treated with the utmost importance, and it's execution will be key.

This has been a good minor project for the house and I look forward to seeing the end result, which I think is going to be stunning. I look forward to sharing the finished pics with you soon.

Let The Remodeling Begin

My client's, who reside outside of the country, have entrusted me with a great deal of responsibility in both assisting them with the purchase and now remodeling of this home. Trust me, I do not take this responsibility lightly. They purchased the property sight unseen based on pictures over the internet and opinions from me, and are now in the process of remodeling it. I gave my recommendations on what should be done and how, and we discussed basic parameters and a budget, and now I am managing the work for them. We are refinishing floors, adding new wood flooring in the upstairs bedrooms, removing wall paper, de-personalizing the space, re-coating the front deck, painting the inside and the outside, as well as fixing a few functional issues uncovered during the home inspection. I met with a multitude of sub-contractors do to the individual portions of the project to get estimates, but eventually settled on giving the entire project to a general contractor to oversee, mostly due to experience and a considerably lower price. We have signed the contracts, and the work has begun.

Above was how my client's purchased the property. Notice the sort of random mini-wall "dividing" the dining room area and the kitchen. Seeing as how it serves no purpose, and only makes the space feel smaller, the first order of business was to remove it. Loft like open space is much better, and I think it does wonders for the main living space. Day one, it is gone.

Master Bedroom at time of purchase.

As you can see it had Asian influenced wallpaper, as well as Asian style ornaments in the room. We wanted to make the space more neutral, as well as portray a more clean line mid-century modern style, so we ripped the ornaments down. It is a bit of a pain, but the workers have treated and are in the process of taking down the wallpaper before we will paint it.

Pictures by Eric Smilay for Smilay Properties

The project should take a couple weeks, so keep checking back for updates. I think the home is going to look more modern and sleek once I am done putting my designing touches on it, and can't wait to see the finished product.

This property will be available once the remodeling is complete, so if interested in this home please feel free to contact us anytime @ 310.600.9172 or email eric@smilayproperties.com.

One Street, Two Great New Reasonably Priced Listings in the Franklin Hills

Two great new listings just hit the market on the same street in the desirable Franklin Hills. One is an updated crafstman with modern amenities and a beautiful backyard with a pool for under $900K, while the other is a slightly smaller traditional home with a large yard and certainly room for a pool for under $800K. Both homes lie in the highly rated Franklin School District.

The first home let's discuss is the crafstman (shown here). It was built in 1914 and has nice period details, but with modern touches sprinkled throughout. The large kitchen is quite nice with a vintage O'Keefe & Merritt stove and soapstone counters. The wood floors, white walls, and large windows all work together beautifully and bring the outside in. The landscaping is exquisite and the backyard is the real seller in this one. It is an urban oasis with a sparkling pool, dining area, and fire pit. Great for entertaining or just relaxing on the weekend.

4327 Russell Ave, Franklin Hills Los Feliz

$895,000 3 Bed 2 Bath 1,595 Sq. Ft 6,750 Lot Sq. Ft

More pictures of this one after the break, as well as a stylish traditional home with a nice sized yard on the same street.

Listing & Photos courtesy of Robert Carey & Katrina Webb - Sotheby's Int'l Rlty-Los Feliz

While I think the current owner's went a bit crazy with the wallpaper in this one, overall I think it looks good. It has basically the same sized yard as the crafstman above, but without all the pro style landscaping and pool, which one could certainly do to their liking. The front has a lot of curb appeal, and according to the listing the home was renovated in 2006, so should have all updated systems. The large kitchen has an eat in area and this one also has wood flooring throughout and the master bathroom with frameless glass shower looks really nice. Again though, I think the location and large grassy backyard is the seller on this one. The possibilities are endless.

4238 Russell Ave, Franklin Hills Los Feliz

$765,000 2 Bed 2 Bath 1,274 Sq. Ft 6,754 Lot Sq. Ft

Listing & Photos courtesy of Tim Hartley - Deasy/Penner & Partners

Taking all factors into consideration (ie size, price, finishes, etc), which one do you like better? Leave a comment and let me know.

If you would like to visit either of these homes, or both, in person, please feel free to contact us anytime @ 310.600.9172 or email eric@smilayproperties.com. I live and work in the area, so would be a pleasure to assist a buyer in moving into this great area.

Blue Jay Way Home for Sale That Inspired George Harrison

Lying on arguably the best Bird Street in the best area of the Hollywood Hills, is this mid-century gem immortalized by George Harrison of the Beatles. According to the Magical Mystery Tour interviews, pointed out by Curbed, it was while renting this house and waiting for the Beatles PR man that Mr. Harrison picked up an organ and wrote "Blue Jay Way." This gives a lot of cache and history to a property that is already pretty sweet on it's own. While the pictures don't give a great sense of the interior and floor plan, we know at over 4,000 sq. ft in this location with jaw dropping views, while it is a ton of money; this home is actually well priced. With soaring ceilings, a grand entryway, a large pool and outdoor space in addition to a great library and media room, this one looks like a definite winner for anyone looking in this price range and location. If it was good enough for a Beatle, then I suspect it should be good enough for most!

1567 Blue Jay Way, Hollywood Hills

$4,599,000 3 Bed 3 Bath 4,116 Sq. Ft 17,650 Lot Sq. Ft

Listing & Photos courtesy of Stamie Karakasidis - Rodeo Realty Inc.

If you would like to visit this prime piece of real estate in person, please feel free to contact us anytime @ 310.600.9172 or email eric@smilayproperties.com. Don't delay, as I suspect that this one will go quickly.

Small But Swanky Lease Opportunity in Prime West Hollywood

While this home is not large, at just over 1400 sq. ft it does lie in a prime West Hollywood neighborhood just on the border of Beverly Hills, and would be a swanky rental house. For anyone coming into LA for an extended period, this furnished lease home is obviously much larger then a hotel room would be and at the asking price pencils out to about $217/night. Try getting that rate in this location. At this cool and well styled mid-century home, you have your own private pool, and are within minutes to plenty of restaurants, high end shopping, and nightlife. The listing points out "This sleek space features spacious loft-like rooms, skylights, bamboo floors, designer built-ins, with a master bedroom opening on to a sparkling pool. Furnishings include high end pieces from the finest internationally known designers." Looks and sounds good to me.

9004 Ashcroft Ave, West Hollywood

$6500/mo Fully Furnished 2 Bed 2 Bath 1,410 Sq. Ft 5,000 Lot Sq. Ft

Listing & Photos courtesy of Marc Silver - Sotheby's Int'l Rlty - BH

If you need a short or longer term rental in LA, this one may be ideal. If you would like to see this hip mid-century lease property, please feel free to contact us anytime @ 310.600.9172 or email eric@smilayproperties.com.

Sold! Large Family Home w/ Pool in Gated Community; Moorpark

I have said it before, but worth saying again, selling a short sale listing is like doing 5 deals. Yes, it takes that much extra work. That said, I am happy to have closed the sale today on this nice family home and helped my seller's move on from it. The buyer's got themselves a great deal, and even though it took awhile and there were bumps in the road, they should be thrilled. While there are some negatives to purchasing a short sale, such as not receiving any credits to fix anything found during inspections, and the fact that it takes several month's; in the end the positives won out on this one. The buyer's appraisal came in at $670,000 giving them $35K of equity from day one. Not bad for a couple month's worth of work and having to correct a few minor things. Congrats to them, and from my side of the deal, congrats to my client's for being able to move on from the property.

4642 Big Trail Circle, Moorpark

Sold for $635,000 5 Bed 4.5 Bath 3,500 Sq. Ft 8,498 Lot Sq. Ft

Listing & Photos by Eric Smilay for Smilay Properties

If you would like to find a similar property, please feel free to contact us anytime @ 310.600.9172 or email eric@smilayproperties.com.

Flipping King Better Shelter Does It Again

Known for quality craftsmanship, modern finishes, and flea market chic staging, flipping team Better Shelter appears to have done it again, this time in the coveted Franklin Hills area of Los Feliz. Usually their homes sell for at or above asking price in a matter of days, and this one appears to be no different. I visited the broker open house today, and the property was buzzing with activity. It just hit the MLS today, and according to the listing agent, they have already received two offers on the property! Amazing. After purchasing the "fixer" home in May of last year for just over $351,000, Better Shelter has completely redone the entire property with all new flooring, kitchen, HVAC, plumbing, electrical, landscaping, and a new two car garage. In short it is a brand new house at a good price. On an over 7,000 sq. ft lot, the developer has definitely added a ton of value to the home, and some buyer will be getting a beautifully redone property in a fine neighborhood. They are accepting offers until Sunday, so there is still time, but be prepared to go over asking price I am guessing. It just may be worth it.

Kudos on another fine project guys.

4137 Sunset Dr, Los Feliz

$649,000 3 Bed 2 Bath 1,224 Sq. Ft 7,100 Lot Sq. Ft

Listing & Photos courtesy of Courtney Poulos - ACME Real Estate

If you would like to visit this great property in person, please feel free to contact us anytime @ 310.600.9172 or email eric@smilayproperties.com.

Investors Continuing to Want In On The Hollywood Real Estate Action

Photo courtesy of Ken Lubas / Los Angeles Times

There was an article yesterday in the LA Times about another purchase of prime real estate in Hollywood, where the developer is planning a large mixed-use project. According to the times article, "Champion Real Estate Co. bought the paved 1.1-acre site behind the Hollywood Boulevard restaurant (Musso & Frank Grill) and between Cherokee and Las Palmas avenues from Common Fund. The price was not disclosed, but Hollywood real estate experts familiar with the property valued it at nearly $10 million." They are planning on creating a $50 Million dollar complex that would include residential, retail, and possibly a hotel. This is in addition to their purchase last year of a nearby Hollywood site that's over 2 acres. Among other ongoing development projects, there is currently a new mixed-use project being created on Sunset Blvd and Bronson by the mighty CIM Group, who has been at the forefront of the development in Hollywood with their groundbreaking Hollywood & Highland shopping complex.

The president of the Champion company sums up the development in the area nicely by stating, “We really love Hollywood,” President Robert Champion said “The city has designated Hollywood to be an urban location and we think, long term, a mixed-use project there will be a home run.”

For those of you that don't have the ability to buy or develop an entire building, but would like to invest in the growth in Hollywood, which is surely going to continue to boom; I have a loft at Hollywood & Vine for sale. Get in on the action and grab a piece of the growth!

If you would like to visit this uber chic loft in person, please feel free to contact us anytime @ 310.600.9172 or email eric@smilayproperties.com.

Another Trousdale Estates Area Dream House Architectural Listed

Lying on an impressive and private promontory is this new architectural listing in an A+ Beverly Hills location. The house itself looks stunning with clean lines, an open floor plan, terrazzo flooring, and a multitude of large disappearing walls of glass. According to the listing the home was created by, "John Bertram, a renowned Southern California Architect whose portfolio includes million-dollar restorations of historic Neutra's, schindler's & launtners including the Brown house in Bel-Air." The listing's remarks go on to say it was "Designed in the International Style & using a palette of smooth coat stucco, steel, terrazzo, cork, walnut and glass, the rooms are visually seamless architectural elements that offer an array of quietly surprising details." The home was built using green technology, including solar panels and high efficiency products. The property itself is over an acre and appears to be on a knoll by itself overlooking the entire city. I like the fact that it has a large amount of flat grass, which is tough to find in the hills. This home is going to make some buyer quite happy for many years and is a true dream home!

1133 Miradero Road, Beverly Hills

$9,750,000 4 Bed 4.5 Bath Sq. Ft Not Listed 53,143 Lot Sq. Ft

Notice the accordion glass window over the sink opening to the outside

Listing & Photos courtesy of Benjamin Bacal & Dena Luciano - Keller Williams Realty - Hollywood Hills

If you would like to visit this truly inspiring property in person, please feel free to contact us anytime @ 310.600.9172 or email eric@smilayproperties.com.

Hollywood Urban Live/Work Lifestyle

Imagine a lifestyle where you move right into a furnished designer done loft in a secure doorman building at one of the most famous intersections in the world, Hollywood & Vine. You wake up in your hip designer done modern two story loft and go downstairs to your lower level, which houses your office work area - no sitting in traffic during your daily commute. At the end of the day you head back upstairs to get ready for a night on the town, and outside of the building you can walk a maximum of two blocks in either direction and you have top restaurants, shopping, and nightlife at your grasp within minutes. This saves you time, energy, gas money, and is just easier. Modern living at it's finest. Imagine that.

With the evolution of Hollywood there is now a chance to live this urban NYC style lifestyle, but with the ideal climate of Los Angeles. In the past several years there has been a trend toward mixed use buildings, loft conversions, high end restaurants, and nightlife in Hollywood. For the right person looking to be among the action with the ability to walk everywhere, Hollywood & Vine is the epicenter. For me, I would much rather live here then downtown, especially considering the prices are already comparable if not even less in Hollywood.

If this lifestyle appeals to you, this listing of mine may be just the right opportunity to own it.

Pictures by Eric Smilay for Smilay Properties

If you would like to discuss this area and it's recent growth further or visit this property in person, please feel free to contact us anytime @ 310.600.9172 or email eric@smilayproperties.com.

Fixer Opportunity in Great "Oaks" Neighborhood

I visited this probate listing yesterday in the desirable Oaks neighborhood of Los Feliz, just next to Griffith Park, and see a lot of potential in it. Surely the 1948 built home is dated and needs updating, but it is tough to get into this neighborhood for under $1M, so this is a great chance for either a flipper to make a profit or a buyer looking to live in this fabulous location. At over 2,000 sq. ft with a step up living room and a den/media room that could be a 3rd bedroom, this property is good size and on a very private lot backing up to hillside, the bones are there to create something special. Lying on a cul-de-sac street, this is a well priced opportunity worth looking into if you have the vision, energy, and resources. To give an idea of the potential, I currently have a deal in escrow in this neighborhood that is just a bit larger for just over $1.2M! As I spend more and more time in this community, I like it more and more as well both for living and resale value.

5615 Green Oak Dr, Los Feliz

$850,000 2 Bed 1.75 Bath 2,098 Sq. Ft 20,186 Lot Sq. Ft

Listing courtesy of Eric Lowry & Anthony Papillo - Coldwell Banker-Sunset Blvd Pictures by Eric Smilay for Smilay Properties

If you would like to visit this property in person, please feel free to contact us anytime @ 310.600.9172 or email eric@smilayproperties.com. It is on lock box and easy to show, so just give a call. I predict it will get a lot of attention and go quickly, so don't delay.

Hollywood Hills Home With Explosive Views

A post and beam home high up in the Hollywood Hills with high ceilings and walls of glass leading out to jaw dropping views of the city below. The property is in coveted Beachwood Canyon and on a private knoll up a long driveway at the end of a cul-de-sac street. While the home could use some further updating, the kitchens and flooring have been recently redone. The floor plan is wide open and is ideal for my tastes. From almost every room of this home, one has either spectacular views of Hollywood, the downtown skyline, or the Hollywood sign; on a clear day one can even see out to the ocean. There is potential to both expand the property, as well as a flat additional parcel at the back of the lot (last picture) that is included in the sale. The additional parcel could be perfect for a pool or guest home. With a bit of love and attention, this one could be magical, as the bones and space is all there for it.

2760 Pelham Place, Hollywood Hills

$1,159,000 (reduced from $1,249,000) 3 Bed 2 Bath 1,757 Sq. Ft 14,510 Lot Sq. Ft

Listing & Photos courtesy of Raymond Schuldenfrei & Chase Campen - Deasy Penner & Partners

When I first saw the home I thought it was priced too high for the size of the home, but with a recent $90K reduction, it's prospects are looking better. If you would like to visit this property in person, please feel free to contact us anytime @ 310.600.9172 or email eric@smilayproperties.com.

Cool Hollywood Live/Work Loft

I am not sure the pictures really do this one justice, but this is a large open space with soaring ceilings and would be an ideal live/work situation. In addition to the pics below, not shown is a super sized garage that can be used as an office space, photographer/artist studio, etc. The 10 unit building was built in 2002, so is newer, and features hardwood flooring, open beamed ceilings, and a ton of natural light from the multitude of windows. A large balcony up top showcases views looking back at Hollywood and of the Hollywood sign in the distance. The floor plan and space allow for several different options and configurations depending on one's needs.

6920 Pacific View Dr, Hollywood Hills

$739,000 2 Bed 1 Bath 2,000 Sq. Ft/Other

Listing & Photos courtesy of Lynne Langdon - Hilton & Hyland

Please note, I believe that the 2,000 sq. ft listed on the listing does include the above mentioned garage space. If you would like to visit this property in person, please feel free to contact us anytime @ 310.600.9172 or email eric@smilayproperties.com.

Pacific View Mid-Century Modern; Hollywood Hills

Here's a cool post and beam design in this updated 1956 mid-century architectural. There are explosive views of the city and downtown skyline out of the multitude of windows throughout the property. Nice modern updates to the space include, oak hardwood flooring, central A/C, and an updated kitchen. The high ceilings and walls of glass makes it appear as if one is floating over the city. The master bedroom downstairs looks great with vaulted ceilings, exposed beams, and a large space. The listing agent describes the downstairs by saying, "Floor-to-ceiling glass sliders open to a flat grassy pad which overlooks those same, undeniable LA Lights." Not bad at all.

6920 Pacific View Dr, Hollywood Hills

$1,095,000 3 Bed 2 Bath 2,021 Sq. Ft 3,550 Lot Sq. Ft

Listing & Photos courtesy of Eric Lavey - Teles Properties, Inc.

If you would like to visit this property in person, please feel free to contact us anytime @ 310.600.9172 or email eric@smilayproperties.com.

Redone Los Feliz Trophy Property

I had the privilege of seeing this stunning property yesterday during the broker open house tour, and was definitely impressed. Even more so, when you compare what the property looked like when the current owner purchased it (there is a link to it after the break). Lying on a cul-de-sac street north of Los Feliz Blvd is this restored and expanded 1922 jewel with impressive size, finishes, and outdoor space. It has clearly been very well redone with no expenses spared. It uses the same smoked white oak flooring recently found in this previously posted eastside property as it's base, has a great flow, and large master bedroom with sitting area. The floor plan really works well on many levels and leads out to a great entertainer's backyard. The listing describes the yard by saying, "A massive resurfaced/redesigned heated pool contains a newly-constructed spa. A rolling lawn, multiple lounge areas—even changing rooms—complete the backyard's offerings." This will appeal to the stylish modern family without question I would think. I know I personally really liked it.

2225 New Hampshire Ave, Los Feliz

$2,895,000 4 Bed 3.5 Bath 3,784 Sq. Ft 10,630 Lot Sq. Ft

Listing & Photos courtesy of Eric Lavey - Teles Properties & Jeff Yarbrough - Keller Williams Rlty Bvly Hill

If you compare the above pictures with what the property looked like when the current owner purchased it, the transformation is almost unbelievable. The owner did a fantastic job. This is a true trophy property in a prime location just walking distance to all of Los Feliz great restaurants and shops on Vermont & Hillhurst and even close to Griffith Park. If you like the mix of vintage design and modern elements, this one is perfect. If you would like to visit this property in person, please feel free to contact us anytime @ 310.600.9172 or email eric@smilayproperties.com.

Epitome of Mid-Century Modern; Hollywood Hills

The Blevins Residence, 1965. Jenkins & Barker, AIA. This is my favorite type of home, one where the current owner takes a cool 1960's house with great lines, and transforms it into a modern masterpiece with updated finishes. That is exactly what happened here. The current owner purchased a dated, but cool and oozing with potential, 1965 home in a prime location with explosive views for $1,550,000 in 2009 and transformed it into the showplace it is now. Lying just off Mulholland Dr on desirable Torreyson, it is now a fantastic 3,600+ sq. ft modern home on a large over 13,000+ sq. ft lot with rolling lawns and a large pool. The fact that it has grass on a large mostly flat lot is key, as it is tough to get both an updated house, views, a pool, and a good sized yard in the hills at a "reasonable" price. The listing describes it's views, which overlook the entire valley and out to the San Gabriel Mountains, and nod to it's modernist roots by saying, "A pure homage to the indoor/outdoor aesthetic of 60's modernism, the bright & open high-ceilinged public rooms feature walls of glass with views from every room." Pure poetry and like living in a work of art.

7744 Torreyson Dr, Hollywood Hills

$2,650,000 3 Bed 3 Bath 3,655 Sq. Ft 13,306 Lot Sq. Ft

Listing & Photos courtesy of David Gray - Prudential CA - Beverly Hills

If looking for an updated mid-century home in a great location with jaw dropping views, this is it! If you would like to visit this property in person, please feel free to contact us anytime @ 310.600.9172 or email eric@smilayproperties.com.

Franklin Hills Architectural

I look at listings on the MLS all day long, and there are some good ones, but not a lot of them that "pop" and have that "wow" factor. This one is not perfect, as it has just two bedrooms and does not have a real master bath; however, I have seen it in person twice now and it has that special quality about it without question. It isn't really anything novel, but it has the features I simply love; including, high ceilings, an open floor plan with a mix of white walls and walls of glass, and views. The centerpiece of the home is it's main living/dining room area, which has interesting polished cork flooring as it's base and draws the outside in through the glass. It also has a great retro feeling with many wood built ins. The kitchen has been updated with stone counters, modern stainless steel appliances, and a breakfast area. The master bedroom is very large with a sitting area off the bedroom, fireplace, and built in desk. Lastly, in addition to the large deck featuring 180 degree views from upstairs, it does have a decent sized flat yard downstairs with eco friendly landscaping, and there is certainly room for a pool should one want.

3896 Franklin, Los Feliz

$1,095,000 2 Bed 1.5 Bath 1,978 Sq. Ft 4,704 Lot Sq. Ft

Listing & Photos courtesy of Ross Carter - Coldwell Banker - Los Feliz

On top of how nice this one is, unlike a lot of new listings, it is well priced. For the right buyer, this is an absolute gem and sure to attract a lot of interest. If you would like to visit this property in person, please feel free to contact us anytime @ 310.600.9172 or email eric@smilayproperties.com.

Price Reduction At Two Story Hollywood Designer Loft

Smilay Properties is pleased to present our new listing at the Lofts @ Hollywood & Vine Building in Hollywood.

In the heart of one of the most famous intersections in the world, Hollywood & Vine, is this designer done super chic two story loft. The NYC style loft at the heart of new Hollywood is being offered fully furnished, complete with custom and rare designer furniture, artwork, and wall coverings. The loft features soaring ceilings, a ton of windows flooding the property with natural light, and views of the landmark Capitol Records building and Hollywood sign. There is a bedroom/office area downstairs, and a bedroom area and open living/dining room/kitchen upstairs. A great mix of raw space in this recently converted 1929 building & high end modern finishes like the all Viking kitchen and Ann Sacks tiles in the bathrooms. Booming location, walk to the W Hotel, Katsuya, Pantages Theater, and much more. Note, HOA dues include all basic utilities & doorman. In short, this one is special!

6253 Hollywood Blvd #306, Hollywood

$650,000 (Reduced $49K from $699,000) 2 Bed 1.5 Bath 1,395 Sq. Ft

For more pictures visit the dedicated website

Listing by Eric Smilay for Smilay Properties Pictures by Michael Andrew McNamara for Smilay Properties

Nothing to be done on this one, can just move right in. The design and furniture is amazing and really gives the loft a wow factor. This is a rare resale in a great building with a cool lobby and rooftop deck overlooking all of the city. If you would like to visit this property in person, please feel free to contact us anytime @ 310.600.9172 or email eric@smilayproperties.com.